1-13-18 The Earl Ingram Show – Hour 3

Today on the “Earl Ingram Show”in the noon hour I will be joined by my friend H Nelson Goodson. We will have a rousing and timely discussion on DACA, why Chump is so willing to use them as a trading chip. From 1 to 3 pm Robert Miranda and NAACP president Fred Royal make a return to the studio to have a most important and no holds bared discussion about yesterdays explosive resignation of the long time City of Milwaukee Health Commissioner Bevin Baker. The back story and what all of it means. You won’t get more in depth information anywhere on this subject. We’ll also be joined by a dynamic young man present and future leader, YWCA’S own Jamaal E. Smith. The only radio show on the dial broadcasting 6 day’s a week the “Earl Ingram Show”. PS GOOD NEWS 1510 am wrrd has just been awarded the most powerful fm on the dial 101.7 fm you’ll be hearing more in the coming weeks.Join in the conversation Toll Free (844)-967-2789 or stream¬†realresistanceradio.com






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1-13-18 The Earl Ingram Show - Hour 3