12-2-19 – The Devil’s Advocates – Hour 3

Happy Monday!  Time to buckle up those Thanksgiving pants and get caught up on the political goings on!

Today, WI Lt. Gov @TheOtherMandela Barnes joins us at 4:00 and @RepMarkPocan at 5:00.  Also @CNN is hanging around the Brady Street studio getting a flavor of Wisconsin.

@scottwalker defends @realdonaldtrump who declines to participate (for now) in his impeachment after complaining that he doesn’t have the opportunity to participate in his impeachment!

@SenJohnKennedy didn’t know who hacked the DNC, interfered with our elections, then he remembered, and now he is back to blaming Ukraine, just like their buddy Putin!

All that and more, plus your turkey day political stories, call or text, at 844-967-2789!





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12-2-19 – The Devil’s Advocates – Hour 3