4-10-19 – The Devil’s Advocates – Hour 3

Happy Hump Day! Weather is nasty so cuddle up with your radio! @pollsandvotes Charles Franklin @mulawpoll in the happy hour! Author @dankaufmann70 at 4:45.

Watching the detectives, AG Barr says may look into the ‘oranges’, as @realdonaldtrump would say, of the #muellertime investigation.

More national #FoxCONn stories of wtf is going on in #wisconsin? Plus Trump on the border, he violates Batman song, Bernie Sanders rolls out #medicareforall, and @wisgop dont want to fix lead pipes, at least in Milwaukee..

All that and MORE! Plus your calls at 844-967-2789!

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4-10-19 – The Devil’s Advocates – Hour 3