5-11-22 – The Up North Podcast

Kirk, Sarah, and Pat didcate today’s show to the hardworking WIsconsinites working to right the many wrongs committed by Republican leadership in the state.  These people are passionate about regaining the dignity we’ve lost in combating the big lie;  that the 2020 election was somehow rigged.  They’ve dedicated their lives to ensuring democracy stands, and those who fight it are held to account.  We thank the following individuals for their ongoing efforts to save democracy:

Jim Kurz, Cheryl Moranto, Rick Bechen, Paul Demain, James Botsford, Dan Russler and Lisa Mueller.  These people have filed their official declarations, giving us insight into their impetus for joining the lawsuit to remove Tom Tiffany, Scott Fitzgerald, and Ron Johnson for their despicable rhetoric around election security.  The Lawsuit alleges these three individuals have cause harm, possibly irreparable harm; to the confidence and dignity of our election systems through their bad faith, cynical engagement with The Big Lie.

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5-11-22 - The Up North Podcast