8-12-21 – Lay of the Land with Nate Timm

Welcome to Nate Timm’s Lay of the Land – a show about life and politics in rural Wisconsin.  I am Nate Timm, and i would like to say hello to everyone who joins us to discuss life in the great state of Wisconsin.

Today we are joined by Mike McCabe, Wisconsin native and former Gubernatorial candidate, to discuss the rural experience and how politics have penetrated to nearly every corner of the state.

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Check out Mike McCabe’s newest book, “Unscrewing America: Hints and Hopes in the Heartland” from Little Creek Press, available where books are sold.

www.WiGrassRootsNetwork.org for more information.

Lay of the Land
Lay of the Land
8-12-21 - Lay of the Land with Nate Timm