8-14-19 – Unheard Of – Hour 2

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Special Guests Sagashus Levingston #InfamousMoms2.0

Prenicia Clifton Director of Pre-College/Youth program compliance at UW-Madison. She’s also is a Youth Mental Health 1st Aid Certified trainer.

And Kwasi Obeng Chief of Staff to the Madison Common Council
What does he do? Did you know he’s Black????

Local community news. Call in or text @ 844-967-2789

National politics–Immigration, White terrorists, and the inevitability of another war.

Its going down. This week is going to be deeper then last week. #ThreaterPolitcs #CoconspiratorsGoneWrong #Immigration #Trump #BlackIsBlackExcellance #PreparingForBackToSchool

Devil Radio
Devil Radio
8-14-19 – Unheard Of – Hour 2