BustED Pencils

11-3-20 – BustED Pencils

#BustEDPencils Live tonight at 6:00pm Central. Reimagining EVERYTHING in education and hope for a "freedom from harm." Guest: Maika Yeigh

10-27-20 – BustED Pencils

#BustEDPencils Live tonight at 6 pm Central. *Nothing is "Normal!" WeAreTeachers *Why we teach for Black Lives. Darnisha Garbade John Garbade Call: 844-967-2789.

10-20-20 – BustED Pencils

#BustEDPencils Live tonight at 6pm Central. Who's listening to Scientists? We are! Welcome astrophysicist - Starts With A Bang - Ethan Siegel. Call: 844-967-2789.

10-13-20 – BustED Pencils

#BustEDPencils Live tonight at 6pm Central. "Rethinking Columbus" and Indigenous #hiphop. Join Rethinking Schools Bill Bigelow and Professor Brad Porfilio and call 844-967-2789.

10-6-20 – BustED Pencils

#BustEDPencils Live tonight at 6 pm Central. Punk Rock Scholarship? Absolutely! Guest Drew Kemp from Major Threat: Punk Rock Academia . Call: 844-967-2789.

9-29-20 – BustED Pencils

#BustEDPencils Live tonight at 6:00 pm Central. Kevin Kumashiro: Educating for Democracy and Against #whitesupremacy. Sarah Jaffe of Rethinking Schools. Teachers #organizing and fighting during the #pandemic Call: 844-967-2789

9-22-20 – BustED Pencils

#BustEDPencils Live tonight at 6pm Central. Topic 1. Is Howard Zinn's work unpatriotic? I wonder what Matt Damon's Mom would say. Topic 2. From Rethinking Schools. Grading during a pandemic with @Mariela Tyler. Join you two favorite #patriots" Johnny and Tim and don't...

9-15-20 – BustED Pencils

Topic 1. Public Health Officials vs Elected Judges. Who knows best when it's safe for face to face instruction? Easy question right? Topic 2. Why did you bring us back to campus? The student perspective. Join Johnny Lupinacci and me for answers to those incredibly...

9-8-20 – BustED Pencils

#BustEDPencils Live tonight 6pm Central. College students just refuse to grow up. Teachers stay away from that 1619 Project...Or else! Join Johnny Lupinacci and me. Help us figure this out. Call: 844-967-2789

9-1-20 – BustED Pencils

#BustEDPencils Live tonight at 6pm Central. Teachers Retiring during COVID. Uh-Oh Johnny Lupinacci Call: 844-967-2789          

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Tonight on Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood let’s talk about this Covid package, this 322 million in rental and utility assistance, this black-owned climate change company that just raised 63 million OH, and the homegirl Alex Wilburn is swinging through. ...
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The goal is to "increase access to information to communities that do not typically follow mainstream news sources or City communications channels and/or who do not consume information in English," the Minneapolis City Council said in a statement. "It's also an opportunity to create more two-way communication between the City and communities."ow.ly/E4gh50DNj0bThe Minneapolis City Council has unanimously approved paying six social media influencers to spread city-approved messaging and updates throughout the upcoming murder trial of former officer Derek Chauvin​. ...
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