4-12-19 – The Devil’s Advocates – Hour 3

Bernie Sanders LIVE and uninterrupted from Madison! Dom and Crute are lakeside in Madison for the rally! Rumor has it our station had better audio of the actual speech than Bernie's own YouTube page!!! #AchievementUnlocked

4-12-19 – The Devil’s Advocates – Hour 2

Dom and Crute keep warm next to Lake Mendota by chatting it up with Dave Weigel of the Washington Post and John Nichols of the Cap Times! Plenty to talk about and also plenty of grievances to air regarding Trump's desire to send undocumented persons to sanctuary...

4-12-19 – The Devil’s Advocates – Hour 1

#BernieOnTheLake! (Madison)-Sen Bernie Sanders holding a Presidential Rally today, with a backdrop of Lake Mendota. Devil’s will go Live by the Lake 3 CT, #FeelTheBern at 5:05! #WRRD1510AM MKE #WTTN1580AM Madison. #WheresDom?!? Call...

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