Darryl Ingram

9-4-18 – The Bryan Kelly Show

#TheBryanKellyShow #Resist #414Wisconsin #Reunion We're doing it. #JustDoIt. #BrettKavanaugh confirmation is #AliceInWonderland. Getting dumber all the time Bryan Kelly Darryl Ingram          

8-10-18 – 414 Wisconsin

#414Wisconsin #Resist New Lineup Let's briefly talk about the flag, Get into some dark store loopholes, Then let's talk about outcomes for Black youth. Special Guest Erica Nelson, Director, Race to Equity, part of #KidsForward Darryl Ingram Bryan Kelly Keith Gaustad...

8-9-18 – 414 Wisconsin

#414Wisconsin #Resist The Politics of Vengeance Let's not worry about Trump's base. Isn't it nice knowing where your HazMat goes? Darryl Ingram Bryan Kelly Keith Gaustad        

8-8-18 – 414 Wisconsin

#414Wisconsin #Resist Happy Birthday to me!! Let's all R-E-L-A-X and listen to Mr Rodgers. Score a victory for labor. "Walker has a prison, forget the price. Ain't never been there. They tell him it's nice." Darryl Ingram Bryan Kelly Keith Gaustad      ...

8-7-18 – 414 Wisconsin

#414Wisconsin #Resist Let's talk proportion. How much money does Kimberly-Clark need? Looking at the failure of Scott Wallker Special guest Mike Browne from One WI Now www.OneWisconsinNow.org        

8-6-18 – 414 Wisconsin

#414Wisconsin . #Resist NFL Growing Pains Bye Bye Alex Jones Sikh and ye shall find. 844.967.2789 Calls, Texts, Comments and Questions Darryl Ingram Bryan Kelly Keith Gaustad 1510 Waukesha/Milwaukee 1580 Columbus/Madison Wisconsin's Resistance Radio Network getting it...

8-3-18 – 414 Wisconsin

#414Wisconsin . #Resist Glass Houses With large responsibility comes responsibility Science is cool, really cool My iPhone is worth $1,000,000,000 844.967.2789 Calls, Texts, WRRD & WTTN sound effects Darryl Ingram Bryan Kelly Keith Gaustad 414Wisconsin gettin' it...

8-2-18 – 414 Wisconsin

#414Wisconsin . #Resist Whats going on at Ohio State? Tax Attacks for the election The Fourth Estate And more... 844.967.2789 Calls, Texts and sound effects. Darryl Ingram Bryan Kelly, Keith Gaustad www.devilradio927.com We give good radio, just ask us.    ...

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#DuelingTangents is LIVEWhere is Tim Michels? Did he go back to Connecticut this week? Plus stories of government working here in Wisconsin and the remnants of the Gableman charade!Your calls, texts and tangents at 844-967-2789! ... See MoreSee Less
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Joining Wendy Pilot tonight: Dr Stately ... See MoreSee Less
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#DuelingTangents is LIVENo more Gableman! Let’s get to the headlines we missed last week from all the primary and #TFG coverage. Your calls, texts and tangents at 844-967-2789! ... See MoreSee Less
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Head outside with Pizzabox Mike! ... See MoreSee Less
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