10-27-18 The JoCasta Show

  MASH members Marcelia Nicholson and Peter Rickman are hosting for JoCasta this week. Guests include James Mazon, Clarice Collins, Clinton Rodgers, and James Lucas. Discussion centers around Union issues.      

10-13-18 The JoCasta Show

Peter Rickman and Marcelia Nicholson of MASH fill in for JoCasta today. Guests include Supreme Moore Omokunde, Eddie Cullen, and Rebecca Lynch.      

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Devil Radio 92.7
It's Wiscannabis Wednesday! Tonight we're talking to Jenn Michelle Pedini Development Director for NORML and Executive Director of Virginia NORML about the HUGE development in VA! We'll also have a DOPE conversation with DJ Qwess Coast - Cannabis Advocate, and Los Angeles Social Equity Retail store owner. ...
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13 hours ago

Devil Radio 92.7
The Devil's Advocates Radio Show LIVE - Wednesday March 3, 2021 ...
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